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  • Meeting Agenda: A Lesson in Discipline

Agenda Items:

  1. A Lesson in Discipline
  2. Fish Tanks Apparel Updates
  3. Lookout for jobs on Linkedin

1. A Lesson in Discipline

I must say, it has been a great week. Launching my company may be one of the most exciting accomplishments ever! Yet, I know there is so much work to be done. The Miles Group Portfolio Inc., was just the beginning. I have so many businesses in mind.  So many ideas to develop, so many brands to create. What I prayed for is coming to past and I am grateful. Grateful to be alive, but also grateful to be able to live my dreams. Every day I dream more and more, seeking God for insight as to how to get to the next level.

The other day, the word discipline came to mind. It took so much diligence, focus, and determination to get the Miles Group Portfolio Inc. off the ground. What started as a thought became my reality and now, I am working my vision and it feels great! However, I am more aware, now more than ever, of my need to master discipline. Discipline, in my definition, is doing what you know you have to do, to achieve the goal, even when you don’t feel like doing it. Sounds simple right? Not so much, for discipline walks with you, challenging you every day to realize new levels of productivity. It awakens what you thought you could not do, and sees you through to the next level. Those that embrace it, though the struggle is real, become better. Those who reject it are doomed to repeat their mistakes until they realize that discipline is not their enemy, but their friend.

Yes, I have befriended discipline and we are learning more and more about  life and business everyday. Discipline challenges me to realize my potential and because of that, I am stronger. This week, allow discipline to lead and guide you. Fight with discipline and see that, in the end, no fight is needed. Whether its talking yourself through writing the next chapter of your soon to be bestseller or if its mustering up the strength to make it to the gym again, don’t give up! Endure and show that discipline is your companion, and that in the end, because of discipline, you both win!!!

-T.R. Miles

2.Fish Tanks Apparel

We wanted to give you a sneak peak at what’s soon to come at Fish Tanks Apparel Inc. More amazing tanks to come. Stay tuned!!!

Instagram: @fishtanksapparel

3. Linkedin

The Miles Group Portfolio is on LinkedIn. Please check us out at:


Stay tuned as we will be posting jobs and career opportunities with the Miles Group Portfolio Inc. and our other firms, Fish Tanks Apparel, T.R. Miles Coaching Solutions, and the Red Agent C: A Luxury Real Estate & Lifestyle Concierge Firm. Each company is different and will require a diverse set of skill sets and talents. The Miles Group Portfolio Inc. will soon be seeking to add to our workforce and to engage opportunities of growth to those looking to be apart of an amazing company culture. Please follow our page to stay in the loop! –

Until next time, Blessings!

-T.R. Miles, Founder, The Miles Group Portfolio Inc.